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Brecciated Face

Architectural Units


Nettleton Concrete, Inc. manufactures custom designed, high quality, architectural concrete masonry units with faces that are specially crafted to expose carefully selected and blended aggregates obtained from various quarries and manufacturing facilities throughout the South Central United States. These brecciated face concrete masonry units are custom blended, colored, and processed with state-of-the-art grinding, polishing, splitting, and various other related equipment. Nettleton Concrete Brecciated Face Masonry Units offer a modern alternative to standard concrete masonry. Nettleton Concrete Brecciated Face Units are processed on one or more surfaces to expose the natural aggregates and create a unique surface that combines the striking visuals of Burnished Face blocks and Split-Face Blocks. Brecciated face units can bring a refined yet robust feel to any project. Nettleton Concrete Brecciated Face Units are manufactured under strict standards while quality control procedures ensure a consistent product of the highest quality.


Brecciated Face Units can be produced in a single color or with variegated colors, enabling the designer to select expressive color combinations that enhance the project’s architectural style. Nettleton Concrete Brecciated Face Units are designed for both veneer and load-bearing walls. While giving the advantages of standard units, Brecciated Face units provide a contemporary alternative for either interior or exterior applications. Stylish and Adaptable, Nettleton Concrete Brecciated Face Units are available in a variety of sizes and specialty finishes such as scoring, bullnosing, and chamfering.


Integral water repellent is added to each unit to help avoid efflorescence and slow the aging process by preventing water penetration. A jobsite-applied coat of sealer not only enriches the color and appearance of the block, but provides added moisture protection for the block and mortar joints in the finished wall. When a water repellent mortar is used, the entire wall is capable of repelling water and providing lasting beauty.