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Split Face Nettlestone

Custom Concrete Veneer


Split Face Nettlestone is a 4″ ashlar concrete masonry veneer which is available in several standard inventory pre-designed color combinations. Alternatively, custom mingled color schemes using up to three tones may be produced to order, enabling the designer to select expressive color combinations that enhance the project’s architectural style. The rustic yet refined appearance and textures of Nettlestone rival the spectacular beauty of Mother Nature, but at a much lower cost than natural stone.


The Nettlestone System consists of 8 different sizes of block. By customizing the ratio of 4″ to 8″ sizes (each size palletized separately), as well as selecting custom trim and accent units, the project designer has a broad and variable medium in which to express their artistic vision. For other options in the Nettlestone system, please consider Tumbleridge Nettlestone.


Integral water repellent is added to each unit to help avoid effloresence and slow the aging process by preventing water penetration. A jobsite-applied coat of sealer not only enriches the color and appearance of the block, but provides added moisture protection for the block and mortar joints in the finished wall. When a water repellent mortar is used, the entire wall is capable of repelling water and providing lasting beauty. Nettleton Concrete Masonry Veneers are designed to be installed using the proven conventional masonry method. This method provides a void between the veneer and structure, allowing any moisture that penetrates or condenses to dissipate before causing any damage. Additionally, this void allows the veneer to react to temperature fluctuations with independent movement between it and the main structure. In contrast, other veneers that are directly adhered may detach when temperature differences force the veneer and structure to move at different rates and directions.